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our founder and passionate traveller Hilary puts as much care into your itinerary as she does her own. She fell in love with Italy when she was just 13 and has returned almost every since. Her love of Greek island hoping has seen her visit 20 greek islands and counting.   

'Puglia, Sicily and the Greek islands share an abundance of beautiful beaches and each offer distinctly local

flavours and accomodation options, which will inspire and motivate you long after your holiday is over'



with 10 years of tour guiding experience across Italy, France and England and a passion for ancient history. Celeste has returned to her roots in Southern Italy to share her  local knowledge with you. She makes sure we go where the locals go and speaking 4 languages she also makes sure everyone understands what the locals are saying which is especially helpful when trying to find a parking space on festival day!



having lived by the mediterranean for over 20 years Anne brings a wealth of practical local knowledge and experience helping us navigate local transport, customs and festivals. She makes sure we don't miss a cultural beat.

'There is more to Italy and Greece than the azure water, the music, culture, and local spirit is diverse and everywhere you go, you can experience the history and spirit of these unique cultures.'



she can sniff out a good espresso or a cosmo at a hundred yards, and has been known to travel miles for the perfect prawn saganaki. She is our resident food expert and is often found exploring the markets, sampling the restaurants, and meeting the producers. Finding those hidden gems so that we can share them with you.

The one quote she lives by 'don't do anything before coffee' 

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our sustainability consultant, Georgina has 20 yrs experience in environmental science, including campaigns for the Green party in the European Parliment. Currently adding to her portfolio of knowledge she is studying an MSc in sustainable architecture. Her vast knowledge keeps us on track and update to date in our mission to be a sustainable and responsible and to make sure that our luxury doesn't cost the earth.



Pedro has recently left his role as office support and human connection specialist. But he will forever be part of the BBTravel family.He loved nothing more than feeling the sand beneath his paws and the sea air in his face.He's memory is our constant reminder to enjoy every day and that connection to people and land is the most important part of journey.

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